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Jungle safari

- Rafting In Nepal


The tropical jungles of the Terai preserve some of the best wildlife habitat in the subcontinent. Nepal has 16 national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas, occupying 16 percent of its total geographical area. Jungle safaris on elephant back or jeep rides are offered at the Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Bardia National Park, Chitwan National Park and the Shukla Phanta wildlife reserve, all located in the Terai. The Terai can be stiflingly hot during summer months and temperate during winters. Summer months require cool clothes, good walking shoes, shady hat and sunscreen. Other important items are mosquito repellant, anti-diarrhea tablets and anti-histamines. During monsoons one should carry waterproof jackets and an extra pair of shoes. The Terai jungles are infested with leeches during monsoons hence one should carry insect repellant to keep them away. Salt or a lighted cigarette will make them fall off. Pulling them off could infect the wound.


Chitwan National Park

Nepal's first National Park is situated 162 km south of Kathmandu in the lowlands of the inner Terai. It covers an area of 932 sq. km. The park includes hillyareas covered by deciduous Sal forest. One fifth of the park is made up of the floodplains of Narayani, Rapti, and is covered by dense tall elephant grass interspersed with rive rine forests of silk cotton, acacia and sisam trees.


Bardia National Park

It is situated in the mid far western Terai on the eastern banks of the Karnali River with an area of 968 sq. Kms. The park is the largest and most undisturbed wilderness area in the Terai which is extends from the Churia hills southwards to gentle slopes of the "Bhabhar". It is thickly forested by Sal trees, grass lands, savannah and many more forest. Animal like the Rhinoceros, wild elephant, 


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (For Bird Watching)

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve can claim its distinct identity for one good reason the vast expanse of the Koshi River. Today, with the wild buffalo preserved, the reserve has also won its niche as birdwatcher's paradise in its true sense. The reserve to preserve the habitat of the remaining population of wild buffalo (locally known as Arna in Nepali). The reserve beckons all sorts of bird


Bird Watching

Nepal is bird watcher's paradise. Nepal has various types of birds that are endangered too. It boasts 848-recorded species of birds. An ardent bird watcher can travel the length and breadth of Nepal doing little else for bird watching. Birding is possible everywhere in Nepal from the hot plains to the mountainous region.




Package Tour

Buddhist Pilgrimage
Nepal is the Birthplace of Lord Buddha and also known as a land of Temple and Stupa

Sunrise Tour
This is one of the exiting Cultural & easy hiking tour with must of the popular sunrise


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