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Trekking Nepal

- Trekking Info


Trekking, the meaning of which is “travel by foot along mountain trails”, can be done for just a few days or for a month or more, in the same style as exploratory or mountaineering expeditions. Whilst trekking, Sharps serve as guides, interpreters, cooks and camp staff. Porters, horses or yaks carry all food, fuel, camping equipment and your personal belongings so that you need only carry what you might want during the day. At night, either you can stay in tents or local lodges known as teahouses and sleep in sleeping bags, all of which are carried with the trekking party.


Trekking Season

Since Nepal is a country of diversification with its geography and climate, a nature lover can always make it as his destination of trekking year round. There are normally four seasons are considered in Nepal, each of which has its own particular attraction to offer.Autumn (Sep-Oct- Nov): - The best season offering excellent


Trekking Grade

Trek Gradation: - It becomes necessary to know which trek matches most with your physical capabilities in order to enjoy your trekking in Nepal. Thus, we have categorized all our treks in the following ranks.
Easy: - Easy trekking by Himalayan Standard is generally up to 2000m. There are plenty of up and


Trekking Permit

All trekkers require a trekking permit to visit Nepal’s interior regions, which are not connected by highways. Recently the Annapurna, Langtang and Everest regions have been declared “permit free" areas; but National Park or Conservation Area fees are still applicable. We process the trekking permits and national park


Altitude Illness

Symptoms of altitude illness can begin to occur at 8000ft (2400 m) or lower still, but serious altitude illness is rare below 10,000 ft (3000 m). Symptoms occur due to our body not adapting well to having less oxygen at high altitudes. At 18,000 ft (5500 m), there is 1/2 the oxygen available as at sea level and it is about 1/3rd on top of




Package Tour

Gokyo Lake Package
The trek to Gokyo provides an excellent opportunity to see an eyeful view of the Mt. Everest

Valley Package Tour
This is one of the exiting Culture & easy Trekking tours around the Kathmandu valley


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